SSL Certificates

What is the purpose of using SSL Certificates

To secure personal and financial data, all websites needs an SSL certificate which will help to create brand loyalty and customer confidence while also improving your SEO score.

SSL is the cornerstone of our protected internet and safeguards the personal details through data networks across the globe.
Even if it does not manage confidential details including credit cards, SSL is important for securing your site.

In addition to protecting your client, you secure your most precious asset: your brand.

Pick your preferred SSL:

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Domain Validation

This is the most basic SSL certificate and can be issued in minutes.

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Extended Validation

The most trusted and secure of all the SSL certificates used by world’s largest organisations.

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Organisation Validation

Get and Organisation Validated SSL certificate and give more confidence to your visitors.

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Wildcard SSL

A wildcard SSL guarantees a single certificate for your domain and unlimited subdomains.

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