Domain Transfers

Domain Transfers

A Seamless and Secure Transition of Your Online Assets.

Consolidate your domains with Gesloten Domain, a leader in domain portfolio management. Gesloten Domain has a dedicated team of domain name transfer experts ready to fully manage consolidating your names with Gesloten Domain — quickly and hassle-free. The Gesloten Domain transfer team has many years of experience in transferring generic domain names such as .COM and .NET, as well as seamlessly handling transfers of the most complex ccTLDs that have unique registry procedures and processes such as CO.ZA (South Africa) and .CL (Chile).

Gesloten Domain will transfer your domains into our patented domain management system; managing your domains with this easy-to-use system will save you time and provide features including advanced search functionality, tiered permission level access, bulk contact or DNS changes, domain auto-renewal setting, and complete DNS record support. The transfer team also works with you to ensure that the DNS settings of your domains are configured properly for the transfer so that there is no down-time while the names are being transferred. As part of the Gesloten Domain transfer and consolidation process, a detailed project plan will be developed along with a timeline for completion. The project plan and timeline will be reviewed and agreed upon by all parties prior to the start of the consolidation.

How Gesloten Domain Makes Domain Transfers Easy For You

  • Dedicated Transfer Manager : A single point of contact at Gesloten Domain will work with you through the entire transfer process.
  • Fully Managed : Gesloten Domain develops the transfer plan and manages the end-to-end transfer process including communication with the registry and your current registrar.
  • Custom Project Plan : A customized project plan is drafted to ensure that expectations for timing and planned activities for domain transfers are established and met.
  • No Downtime : Eliminate lost traffic and outages during your transfer by working with Gesloten Domain.

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