Domain Audit Plus™

Get More Out of Your Portfolio.

Managing thousands of domains can be an overwhelming task for any organization– especially if the domains have been registered by multiple departments or divisions, over several years, or from multiple locations. It can be cumbersome to account for all domain registrations, remain current on renewal dates and confirm routing to the appropriate Web site and/or page. Gesloten Domain Domain Audit Plus helps businesses to track and measure the effectiveness of each domain in their portfolio in order to put under-utilized domains to work and to eliminate domains no longer needed for business or brand protection purposes from their portfolio.

Gesloten Domain understands that budget constraints are a real challenge for businesses today and we are here to help you streamline your domain management activities with Domain Audit Plus™. Using our proprietary technology, utilization reports are generated by Gesloten Domain on your domain portfolio. A detailed analysis is then conducted by your domain audit manager which provides recommendations on which domains to renew, which domains to re-direct, which domains need updated contact information and which domains can be deleted when their current registration term ends.

How can Gesloten Domain help you save money and increase your Web traffic?

  • Tailored Audit – Gesloten Domain will work with you to create a customized audit plan based on the brand needs of your company.
  • Detailed Reporting – Gesloten Domain will gather and sort important data related to your domains such as WHOIS contacts associated with your names, the current DNS data, registration date, expiration date, and even Web traffic data on some domain extensions and domains that use Gesloten Domain Name Servers.
  • Maximize Utilization – Gesloten Domain will identify registered domains that do not have active Name Servers and add our free Web re-direct service.
  • Portfolio Purge – The Domain Audit Plus™ service will allow you to remove domains with obsolete brands, domains used for old marketing campaigns, or brand concepts that never launched.

What We Do?

Experts in global domain registration, corporate domain portfolio management, and online trademark protection.

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Good for SEO

There is no denying that when you want to target website visitors, your domain names play an important role for search engine to reach you.

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Unleash Your Creativity and Innovate

Naming your website can be very time consuming especially for a startup. One of the latest trends is domain hack.

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Instill Trust & Credibility

To build a strong foundation for website branding, it's recommended to have a localized domain name, which can leave a stronger impression to your first time visitors.

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