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Selecting a DNS Hosting solution is an important part of any domain name portfolio strategy, you need to be confident that the services associated with your domains are consistently operating at optimal levels. Using Gesloten Domain‘ fast, reliable and secure DNS servers for your domain names ensures that you minimize your risk of Web site and email outages, and maximize all online performance. Selecting the right DNS solution for your business depends on your performance requirements and the business application for a given domain. Gesloten Domain offers two levels of reliable DNS Hosting Options. You may use a combination of both Standard DNS and Managed DNS for any domain in your Gesloten Domain portfolio.

Standard DNS

Gesloten Domain Standard DNS Hosting is a free service included with any domain name registered with Gesloten Domain. The Gesloten Domain Standard DNS service is used by some of the world’s largest companies.

Standard DNS includes:

  • 99.965% service uptime (*)
  • Worldwide server coverage (Milton Keynes, England, London, England, Vienna, Virginia, and Frankfurt, Germany )
  • DNS servers reside at data centres with Tier 1 backbone
  • Simple management of DNS fields in the Gesloten Domain IDP Management Platform
  • 24X7 Support
  • Support of all DNS record types
  • Web and e-mail forwarding
  • Ability to include text comments in the DNS records
  • Ability to customize the TTL
  • Auto-checks to ensure that DNS fields are valid
  • Custom Reporting

(*) Service Level Agreement (SLA) available upon request.

Managed DNS

Gesloten Domain‘ Managed DNS Hosting is an outsourced solution that is provided through a partnership with UltraDNS®, a worldwide leader in DNS hosting and management. This premium solution for unique DNS management requirements allows Gesloten Domain customers to use UltraDNS’s Managed External DNS that utilizes their innovative Directory Services platform. Using Critical DNS increases speed, performance, security, and reliability for domains that are connected to Web sites with extremely high traffic volume.

Critical DNS Hosting includes:

  • 99.999% uptime guarantee
  • DNS updates with global propagation in under 2 minutes
  • Worldwide server coverage in over 14 data centres
  • DNS servers reside at data centres with Tier 1 backbone
  • Enhanced DDOS protection to keep your site(s) resolving under any situation
  • Advanced routing technology provides a high level of reliability and fast response times
  • A robust Web-based management portal to manage your DNS settings

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