Domain Acquisition

Domain Acquisition

Looking to Get That Perfect Domain Name?

The growth of the World Wide Web has resulted in challenges for some businesses by creating an inability to register the domain name that they really want because it has already been registered by someone else. Gesloten Domain has the answer to this frustrating problem; Gesloten Domain Aquisition Service.

Gesloten Domain Domain Acquisition Service provides a secure, anonymous, and trusted solution to help customers purchase domains that are unavailable through the standard registration process but may be available on the secondary domain market. Whether you want a specific domain for a new brand, a product launch, or a marketing campaign, a Gesloten Domain representative can contact the registrant of any domain name on your behalf and will attempt to negotiate your purchase of the domain. Your Gesloten Domain acquisition consultant will work with you to establish a recommended purchase price and review the negotiation plan. If the sales transaction is successful, the domain name will be transferred to your Gesloten Domain account with Whois privacy service added to ensure a confidential transaction.

Experience and Industry Knowledge Make The Difference

  • Live Acquisition Support : Some services use automated emails to attempt to acquire a domain which can be ineffective, time consuming or cumbersome. With Gesloten Domain Domain Acquisition Service, a domain acquisition manager will work with you prior to the presentation of an offer, during the negotiation process, when the transaction has been completed and if the transaction cannot be completed.
  • Domain Appraisal : An appraisal with the fair market value of the domain you wish to purchase will be provided with the purchase of Gesloten Domain Domain Acquisition Service. This will establish an initial offer price and the maximum that you are willing to pay.
  • Increased Success Rates : Gesloten Domain possesses vast knowledge about domain registrants and the secondary domain name market from years of experience in the domain name industry and proven track record of successful domain acquisition requests.
  • Anonymous Negotiations : Gesloten Domain will use proven negotiation tactics that will enable us to negotiate a fair and reasonable purchase price for you, while keeping your identity anonymous.
  • Simple Payment : Once a sale price has been agreed upon by both parties, deposit the appropriate funds in you Gesloten Domain account and Gesloten Domain will serve as an escrow service to ensure that you are protected.
  • Managed Transfer : The process to transfer the domain name into your Gesloten Domain account will be managed end-to-end by your dedicated acquisition manager.

For more information or to purchase Gesloten Domain Domain Acquisition Services for the domain name(s) you really want; please contact a domain consultant today.

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