Dispute Resolution Consultation

Helping You Get the Facts.

Gesloten Domain can assist you with the drafting and filing of a Complaint using an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service Provider, such as WIPO, NAF or Nominet. Gesloten Domain are thoroughly conversant with the UDRP policy and regional alternatives. We can draft and file a domain dispute with these organizations in compliance with their procedural requirements on your behalf; provide guidance to your legal team on a particular domain or list of domains, and/or serve in a role of a research consultant that gathers information on the registrant or other parties associated with the domain at issue. Gesloten Domain has compiled a data base of all previous WIPO, National Arbitration Forum (NAF) and Nominet domain disputes case – a valuable resource for indentifying existing case law, precedent and the most appropriate course of action.

Gesloten Domain‘ Consulting Services Can Help You by Providing:

  • In-depth fact finding to help build your case
  • Collection and storage of discovery materials
  • Guidance based on precedent, policy and existing case law
  • Subject matter experts to draft and submit formal complaints

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