Company Formation

Creating A New Company For You

Gesloten Domain offers a Company Formation service to meet the registration requirements of domain names with some of the most complex registry regulations and rules. Gesloten Domain will perform all required work to create a new company so that it is registered with the country’s local business authority. Company Formation is a higher level of service than Local Contact because a new company must be created that is similar in name to the company registering the domain. Gesloten Domain works with local company formation agents who are extremely efficient and knowledgeable with the process in order to create new companies in each country to meet registry regulations.

Gesloten Domain can also provide Company Formation services for clients who have unique WHOIS privacy needs. For example, new companies were created using Company Formation to mask the public WHOIS records for corporations that are merging with another company, forming new subsidiaries or launching new brands, and require registrant and administrative contact records beyond our standard WHOIS privacy service.

Benefits of Using Gesloten Domain for Company Formation

  • Quick Results : Gesloten Domain already has the resources in place and the knowledge to quickly form a company on your behalf.
  • Save Time : Eliminate the burden of having to research and perform the administrative work required to form a company in an unfamiliar jurisdiction to meet registry regulations.
  • Save Money : Gesloten Domain Company Formation is more cost effective than using outside counsel or utilizing internal legal resources to accomplish this task.
  • Experience : Gesloten Domain has been assisting businesses with registering companies all over the world for over ten years and consistently meets the domain registration needs of its customers.

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