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Gesloten Domain has been accredited registrar for generic Top Level domains and has more accreditations with country code domain registry operators than any other registrar in the world. Because Gesloten Domain has established direct relationships with domain registries; commonly known as NIC authorities, the domain consultants at Gesloten Domain understand the unique requirements needed to register each extension. The Gesloten Domain Global Availability Search feature provides a simple and efficient process to register even the most complex domains. Gesloten Domain also offers Company Formation service for domain extensions that have unique registration requirements.

Gesloten Domain has the ability to register domain names in over 240 countries and international territories which include over 700 extensions. Gesloten Domain continually monitors activities related to new domain name launches and makes these new extensions available to our customers during the trademark and land rush sunrise periods in addition to the open registration period. Gesloten Domain educates customers on trademark requirements and ensures that companies submit the proper documentation that is needed during these sunrise periods.

The Gesloten Domain Difference

  • Register Domains Quickly : Product launches and business plans evolve at a fast pace, don’t let the domain registration process slow down your business plans.
  • Direct Registry Connection : Register domains with a company that works directly with registries rather than a company who uses resellers.
  • Expert Guidance : Follow the rules and regulations for existing domain extensions or new TLD launches by working directly with your dedicated domain consultant at Gesloten Domain
  • Strategic Registration : Gesloten Domain outlines a clear and concise domain registration plan for our clients based on specific business needs such as the creation of new brands, formation of new subsidiary companies or acquisitions/merger deals.

Who We Are?

Experts in global domain registration, corporate domain portfolio management, and online trademark protection.

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Benefit #1


The most memorable way to find you: Help your visitor find you by registering something short and catchy. There are still hundreds of thousands of great domains available; try the latest trend by omitting letters to make them shorter and more memorable, such as Flickr.

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Benefit #2

Protect Your Brand

The best technique to secure and protect your brand online: You just launched a product in your home country but think that your geographical neighbours might like it too, don't forget to register your domain name with the relevant country codes (.dk/.se/.no) as well as more global ones such as .com/.eu/.asia, depending on your target market.

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Benefit #3


The keyword explaining who you are and what you do: Domains help search engines to find you as the words in your domain are considered the most important keywords. Therefore try to think creatively by registering names including your activity and location for instance (eg:

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