Expert Testimony

A Team of Experts.

Gesloten Domain has a team of domain experts on staff who are prepared to testify in writing, or in person, on your behalf for a UDRP submission, a WIPO filing, NAF hearing, national/international court case or other domain dispute proceeding. As a pioneer in online infringement technology and research, we have worked with domain name registrations for years and have extensive experience resolving domain disputes. At Gesloten Domain, we actively follow the online trademark abusers, domain monetization trends that are used in the pay-per-click advertising industry, affiliate network fraud, and the secondary domain market. Your clients are counting on you to win and Gesloten Domain has the authoritative resources that will help you succeed.

By Using Gesloten Domain‘ Expert Testimony You Can:

  • Validate and reinforce your arguments
  • Gain access to leading online infringement forensic technology
  • Work directly with experts who have experience in domain litigation
  • Partner with domain name insiders who can provide the resources you need in order to be successful

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