Our Accreditations

Gesloten Domain are accredited registars in the following countries:

ly .BIZ

ly .COM

ly .AM Armenia

ly .BE Belgium

ly .CZ Czech Republic

ly .ES Spain

ly .GR Greece

ly .HU Hungary

ly .IT Italy

ly .IM Isle of Man

ly .LV Latvia

ly .PL Poland

ly .NO Norway

ly .IN India

ly .JO Jordan

ly .JP Japan

ly .SG Singapore

ly .TM Turkmenistan

ly .TO Tonga

ly .CL Chile

ly .Cr Costa Rica

ly .DM Dominica

ly .US United States

ly .VG Virgin Islands (British)

ly .CD Republic Congo

ly .NET

ly .ORG

ly AT Australia

ly BY Belarus

ly .DK Denmark

ly EU European

ly .FI Finland

ly .NL Netherland

ly SE Sweden

ly .SK Slovakia

ly AE United Arab Emirates

ly .ASIA Asia

ly .CC Cocos (Keeling)

ly .KR South Korea

ly LK Sri Lanka

ly .MN Mongolia

ly .TV Tuvalu

ly .VN Vietnam

ly .AC Ascension

ly .GY Guyana

ly .EC Ecuado

ly AG Antigua and Barbuda

ly .MG Madagascar

ly .KE Kenya

ly .ST

ly .INFO

ly .MOBI

ly AU Australia

ly .CH Switzerland

ly .DE Germany

ly .FR France

ly .IE Ireland

ly .RU Russian Federation

ly .ME Montenegro

ly .RO Romania

ly .CN China

ly .FM Micronesia

ly .HK Hongkong

ly .NU Niue

ly .PH Philippines

ly .PK Pakistan

ly .BO Bolivia Domain

ly .BS Bahamas

ly .BZ Belize

ly .HN Honduras

ly .PE Peru

ly .LC Saint Lucia Domain

ly .SH Saint Helena

ly Za South Africa

ly .LY

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