Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery Solution/Business Continuity

When Downtime Is Not An Option

Disaster recovery otherwise known as “Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service” (DRaaS) is a form of business continuity which is essentially a back-up that is put in place in the event of a disaster that destroys certain parts or all of your business resources, IT infrastructure, electronic records or the physical floor space of your office location making it virtually impossible for your organisation to continue operating at an efficient level.

The ultimate goal of DRaaS is to reinstate your organisations critical operational capabilities as soon as possible. When setting up a Business Continuity Plan or BCP many factors have to be considered such as natural disasters that can take place on a local or international level, always taking into consideration fires, earthquakes, floods and even a pandemic whilst always safeguarding your organisation against future disasters by planning ahead

Gesloten Domain Data Centre is a Tier-3 enhanced Data Centre specifically constructed to financial sector specifications. On a 3.54 acre site to service virtualisation, co-location, D/R hot desks data storage, data backup and mission critical IT.

At Gesloten Domain we have allocated up to 14,000 sqft of technical data centre space. In addition we have allocated thousands of SQFT worth of D/R hot desks, private office space or business continuity suites with 24/7 access to the facility and biometric access to your private business continuity suite or office. Our business continuity services are very flexible and can be set-up to meet your organisations exact needs.

Please contact a Gesloten Domain Data Centre representative today to discuss your DR and BC requirements, at Gesloten Domain we pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions for our clients. Our hosting representatives will work with you to ensure we build and design the perfect DR and BC suite to meet your organisational needs.

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