International Domain Portal

A Custom Solution for Unique Business Needs.

Generic TLD Regulations

Managing a portfolio of domain names can be both time consuming and challenging. The Gesloten Domain’ International Domain Portal (IDP) is a platform that enables companies to register and manage thousands of domains names with great efficiency and effectiveness. This platform, created to easily administer the ever changing daily activities related to domain management, was built by the Gesloten Domain’ engineering team based on customer feedback and specific requests for functionality.

Why Search for Domain Names Using the IDP?

Real-time search of all currently available gTLD and ccTLD domain name extensions in the world

Response times of less than 15 seconds to query more than 700 domain extensions.

Tailored searches of specific domain extensions important for your specific brand(s) or product line(s)

Automated notification of whether a domain is available for registration

Ability to accurately register domains that require local contacts or company presence to complete a registration

“Fast track” ordering functionality for bulk domain orders

How Does the IDP Simplify Domain Management?

Advanced search to quickly find a domain or a group of domains among thousands in your portfolio

Tiered access across multiple sub-accounts under your master account

Real-time access to your billing and invoice records

Domain accounting features document who registered each domain, as well as why the name was registered

Ability to export a list of domains from your portfolio to XML or a MS Excel format

Complete DNS record support and bulk modification capabilities

Custom Domain Management Options Available

If additional features are needed that are not available in the IDP, Gesloten Domain can develop custom applications to meet your domain management requirements.

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